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Ina Bucher‘s artistic journey began in Zurich Switzerland, where she spent her formative years. Her creative spark was ignited early on, thanks to the influence of her parents and grandparents - all talented artists in their own right. Growing up surrounded by their background, Ina developed a keen eye and a profound appreciation for the world of digital art.


After honing her skills at a graphic agency in Zurich, Ina‘s entrepreneurial spirit led her establish KONTRAST as the co-founder of the company. Where she continues to pursue her passion for graphic design and illustration, bringing her unique vision to life with every project.


My artistic interests extend far beyond the digital realm. I also deeply enamored with the interplay of color, form, and paint. The approach to art is a blend of observation and imagination - I see the world as it is, but i‘m not afraid to let my fantasies take flight and transform it into something new and exciting.

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