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Prototypes taps into potential that lies idle. Rather than producing new garments, the design collective opts for an approach focused on strategies of upcycling and repurosing. In three conceptually interwoven lines, Prototypes facilitates a sustainable attitude towards making and wearing fashion. Out with the new and in with the old.

In the 80s, the burda book was considered "the" fashion book for the modern woman. In this you could order patterns and have clothes made to measure.  The philsophie of Prototypes is upcycling, so came the idea to upcycle the old pattern book and adapt it with the new looks of de series 02. The new format is A3 and counts 328 pages.

This book is the publication of Prototypes at the Switzerland Design Awards 2022.

Prototypes won the Swiss Design Award Price 2022.

Role: Publication, Book, Layout, Editing, handcrafted